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  • Libbey Glasses

    Our 16oz and 20oz glasses are made with high quality permanent uv and vinyl. All glasses come with a bamboo lid & glass straw!

  • Frosted Libey Glasses

    Our 16oz frosted glasses are made by heat pressing each design on the glass. This is perfect for easy maitenance. All glasses include a bamboo lid & reusable straw!

  • UV DTF Cup Wraps

    These are pre-made designs printed IN HOUSE for you to create your own glasses & use for your own small business! These are permanent/waterproof and are easy to apply.

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Meet the owner:

Hey everyone! My name is Alexis and BidwellbyDesign was born in February 2022. What started as a creative outlet making gifts with my cricut turned into my full time passion. Over this past year, we have gone from making custom beer can glasses to also becoming a UVDTF supplier to other crafters all around the US and abroad! Being able to print in house has allowed us to bring projects to life quickly to allow other businesses to thrive! I'm a huge book nerd so you will see a lot of my interests peak through our designs. This business has allowed me to be a full time at home mom since last year, which is a dream come true! Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you at a local event soon! :)